Lesní tábořiště Nebřich (Nebřich Wood Campsite)
Nebřich 33
257 44 Nebřich - Neveklov

How to find us

by car:
The campsite is located on road No. 114 between Benešov and Dobříš, directly next to Živohošť Bridge.
Enter the address of the campsite to the navigation: Nebřich 33. 
Recommended routes:

If you are driving from Neveklov, do not turn to the village of Nebřich but follow the main route and down below, just before the bridge, turn right.
If you are driving from Chotilsko, turn left just before the bridge.
During your journey you can also follow the arrows to the neighbouring  Slapy Rope Park, which are located on all crossroads in the wider area.

by bus:
There are several bus stops in the surroundings of the campsite. 
Try to find a connection at to one of these stops:

Note: when traveling from Prague, we recommend going to Jablonná or Chotilsko. There is no direct connection to Křenicná or Nebřich.

by ferry:
During the holidays you can take advantage of the Slapy boat transport. Take the bus for example to the "Rabyně, hl. přístav" stop and there change to a ferry. The boat runs just twice a day – you can find the Timetable here.
Please take notice: While the bus stop is called "Rabyně, hl. přístav", the relevant boat stop is entitled "Slapská přehrada"! 
Take the ferry to the "Živohošť - most, Lanový park" stop, which is located just 150 m away from our campground. Attention - there are steep stairs, not recommended with strollers, small children or bicycles.


location: 49°46'11"N 14°24'46"E


Please note that a spot for camping or caravanning cannot be booked in advance with us.
phone: +420 797 726 085


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