Camping and caravaning

camp The majority of the area of Nebřich Wood Campsite comprises a space for camping and caravaning, with an overall capacity of cca. 50 places.
This area is quite specific and does not resemble those camps that have vast grassland. Here the camping places are freely spread out amongst the trees in the woody environment and therefore they are very diverse; you will find places both small and large and either flat or sloping. The majority of the locations will enable you to park your car directly alongside your own tent, however some do not allow car-parking, but on the other hand, thanks to the surrounding bushes, they offer privacy that you would not expect in the camp. A smaller tent can be erected almost anywhere, but there is less space available for caravans. Also bear in mind that the placement of the caravan can be rather difficult taking into account the sloping terrain and the number of trees. For the same reason, the camp is suitable only for tents and smaller caravans up to a total length of cca. 6 m.
If you wish to camp directly on the shore, please consider that there are only a few places like that at the campsite and that most of them will be occupied during the high season. On the other hand, any place in the camp is less than 100 m from the water. 

Upon your arrival please check-in at the reception desk at the gate. If you do not find anybody there or should you arrive outside our operating hours, you can still obtain a choice of lodging of different forms; first find yourself a suitable place, then enter the camp in your car and erect your tent or locate your caravan there. Subsequently, based on the operating hours and the instructions that are available at the reception desk, come there to check-in.

Whole-season placement of the caravan

We offer the possibility of locating the caravan for the entire season for an advantageous flat-rate. This placement must be discussed with the operator in advance; in case of your interest please call us or write.